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Our Custom Plastic Fabrication

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What started as a simple side business of custom plastic fabrication for our marine related customers has grown into its own.  We now cater to a wide variety of customers seeking high quality plastic craftsmanship.

Among these are:


Medical Research

Aviation Industry

Retail Industry

Signage Industry
And of Course the Marine Industry


Custom Services we Offer:

  • Cut-To-Size Service for all Materials

  • CNC Machining of all Materials

  • CNC Sign Carving with Wood and Signfoam Board

  • Laser cutting and etching

  • Heat Bending

  • Plastic Welding: In-Shop

  • Acrylic Polishing: Flame and Buffing

  • Acrylic Assembly

  • Polycarbonate Assembly

Bring us your concepts or designs
for plastic fabrication and we will advise you if we are the right company for your endeavor.

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Medical Research H20 Clear
Museum Vitrines
Jack Daniel's Displays
MIT University 3D Printing Schroud
Custom Marine Cabinets
Herradura Displays
Fresh Fish Ice Display
Covid Safety Partitions
Signage Industry
Rest in Peace - Stanley Simpson
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