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150 Gallon Space Saver Lobster Tank Specification

University of New England engraved LED Lobster Tank with Removeable Dividers.jpg
  • Complete System

  • 72" L x 38" W x 48" H

  • 110v 20 amp circuit

  • 3/4 American Cast Acrylic - Base and Top Tank

  • 1/3 HP Titanium Chiller

  • 15 Watt UV Sterilizer

  • Wet/Dry Sump with Over sized Bio Ball and Bio Brick Bed

  • Full Filter Tray

  • MEH Proprietary Positive Flow Charcoal Canister

  • MEH Proprietary Drain Down Technology - Helps save lobsters in a power outage

  • 2 Heavy Duty Pumps (system can continue to run on only one pump working)

  • High Efficiency Protein Skimmer

  • Heavy Duty Casters

  • Custom Laminate over the acrylic base to match location decor.  Chosen by the customer at (

  • Minimum of 1 Year Full MEH Warranty

  • 365 Text Tech Support Line

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