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Our Custom Built Aquariums


We are very proud of the beautiful aquariums we hand craft.


Utilizing the most advanced technologies and materials available today, almost anything is possible. Aquariums can be made with acrylic bases or with custom wood cabinets that fit any decor.


Whether you're interested in a stand alone 4 foot tank, a 10 foot tank built into a wall, or a 20 foot tank that goes around a corner, we're here for you.


All of our aquariums incorporate our multi-stage biological/particle filtration system to ensure a clean, healthy, user-friendly environment.


Our environmental control systems ensure that all of our aquariums are very easy to maintain and enjoy.


And, nothing adds to the warmth and beauty of a home, office or retail shop like an aquarium.

Contact us today, to discuss your dream aquarium.

Bar Sink Aquarium.jpg
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