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Shower ME Fresh Shellfish Tank

Patent Pending

A Retailing Game Changer

 The Perfect Retailer of oysters, mussels, clams, lobsters and crabs
                     Super Easy Operation and Maintenance

Shower ME Fresh Shellfish Tank.jpg

Shower ME Fresh Shellfish Tank Short Video

*Plastic Lobsters Not Included

Shower ME Fresh Southern Seafood,  Flori

        Patent Pending Design

  • Uses Only 10 Gallons of Salt Water

  • Very Light Weight

  • Very Easy to Move

  • Very Easy to Drain

  • Very Easy to Refill

  • Super Easy to Maintain

  • Easy to Start Up and Easy to shut down and store

  • Utilizes Cold Water Hygienic Shower System

  • 40" L x 25" W x 42" H

  • 110v 20 amp circuit

  •  1/2" American Cast Acrylic  Top

  • 1/2" High Density Black Base 

  • 1/3 HP Titanium Chiller

  • 15 Watt UV Sterilizer

  • Acrylic Sump 

  • Full Filter Tray

  • Heavy Duty Pump

  • Mobile Casters 

  • Removable Daily Chalkboard

  • Minimum of 1 Year Full MEH Warranty

  • 365 Text Tech Support Line

Constant Cold Shower Pattern
Shower ME Fresh    Shellfish Tank.png
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