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Educational Marine Touch Tanks

The Original Creators

NC Aquarium Touch Tank on Tour.jpg
North Carolina Aquarium, Traveling Touch Tank



Our museum quality, Educational Marine Touch Tanks are long-term scientific research/teaching tools. The Touch Tanks are child-friendly, easy to maintain and mobile. The tank’s design allows educators and exhibitors to recreate life in the sea to a remarkable degree of accuracy.

And like all of our marine habitats, our Touch Tanks feature the finest in quality components and therefore are designed to last 15 to 20 years.

Today, Touch Tanks are rapidly becoming one of the most popular and effective marine science educational tools in our schools. By bringing the marine environment indoors, students of all ages can experience the beauty and magic of the earth's Eco-systems and discover the complexity of the symbiotic relationships that help keep the earth's environment in balance. Students are encouraged to touch all of animals in the tank and experience, first-hand, the wonder of nature.

The Eco-system in the touch tanks is as close to mother nature as you can get without actually being there. The environment in the tank provides healthy living conditions for crabs, oysters, sea cucumbers, sea stars, sand dollars, periwinkles, mussels, hermit crabs, crayfish and other species that dwell in the shallow waters of lakes, rivers, and coastal waters. Students are able to observe how the animals interact in their native habitat.


Harpswell Touch Tank Lobster.jpg
Mystic Aquarium, Mystic,Ct.
Harpswell Elementary School, Harpswell, Maine
BREEF - The Bahamas
Skeld Pier Trust.jpg
Skeld Pier Trust - Skeld Pier, United Kingdom

Touch Tanks employ a sophisticated water purification system, like that used in our aquariums and lobster tanks. The user-friendly filtration system allows students to take an active role in the easy maintenance and upkeep of the tank, becoming more involved with the overall harmony of a delicate, yet hardy, Eco-system. Students build an awareness of the need to have respect for the environment and all the creatures that live in it.


Educators, Curators and Research Scientists are the Touch Tanks most enthusiastic supports. Click here to view a list of references.

Coastal Carol Sea Squirt.JPG
Coastal Encounters, Wells, Maine
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