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Heinen's Fine Foods of Ohio proudly uses a Marine Ecological Habitat's lobster tank to provide its customers healthy and fresh Maine lobster.

The World's Finest Lobster Tanks
Are Made in Maine

Celebration Tavern, Orlando, Florida Lobster Tank with Custom Remote LED Lighting

Cleaner Water Means Fresher Lobsters

A quality lobster tank display is essential to any seafood restaurant or market. Good water flow is not enough to keep the water clean. Removal of solid waste, nitrites, ammonia, organic compounds and dissolved organics are essential for a healthy environment and fresh tasting seafood. Our state-of-the-art, over-sized bio-bed, protein skimmer, UV sterilizer and carbon system provide the highest level of water purification available.

University of New England Lobster Tank Logo engraved with Custom LED Lighting

Even if You Lose Power, You'll Keep Your Lobsters

Our lobster tanks feature a proprietary automatic drain-down system. In the event of a power failure, the water in the lobster holding area automatically drains out of the tank. If lobsters are left in un-oxygenated water, they die. Because all tanks are required to have ground fault protection, power failures are common. Many restaurant and seafood store owners have lost lobsters after a power failure, due to the lack of oxygen in the water. Our system prevents this from happening and saves our customers' investments.

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