Enjoy Fresh Lobster from The Cedars at Foxwoods Casino's new LED lit Lobster Tank.....Visit Beautiful Sunken Meadow State Park, Long Island, NY and spend time with Marine Educator Sara Kulins Mobile Touch Tank or Visit Harvard University's Museum of Natural History or Columbus State University of Georgia's ELC Touch Tanks,,,,, or Experience New York Aquarium's new Educational Touch Tank....... The Prestigious Six Hundred Year Old University of St. Andrews in Scotland, now has a brand new Educational Touch Tank for their MASTS program.....And so the University of California, Berkeley Intergrative Biology Department....... And Congratulations to visionary Brenda Ramer of Team Ecco and all the wonderful folks in Henderonsonville, NC on thier newly acquired educational Touch Tank exhibit......At Portland, Maine Jetport Terminal relax at Linda Bean's Lobster Cafe ................Enjoy a yummy lobster roll or have super Fresh Maine Lobsters packed to bring back to loved ones........................And check out our Educational Marine Touch Tank................Linda's Touch Tank is dedicated to advancing Science Education in America's schools....................Catch some rays and delicious lobster at Boston's on the Beach at Delray Beach, Florida..............Or in Tallahasee, Florida, shop the freshest Maine Lobster at Southern Seafood............ Enjoy Lobster at the Carribean Five Star Buccament Bay Resort, at St. Vincent's Island...........In The Old Port Tavern, Portland, Maine. Have a cold brew with friends and enjoy their new and absolutely beautiful Reef Aquariums........................Wherever your travels lead you, may you be Happy and Safe!

Commercial Lobster Tanks
A quality lobster tank display is essential for any seafood restaurant.

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Educational Marine Touch Tanks
A World leader in classroom design for over 10 years.

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Aquatic Relief Therapy Tanks
ART is a mobile animal assisted therapy that fosters patient interaction and well being. ART is our TV Celebrity.


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Custom Built Aquariums
Dealers can offer our custom-built aquariums to meet most any specifications that their customers desire. Finely crafted aquariums designed to fit almost any decor.


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Love Maine Lobster Claw
The game is taking the market by storm. People enjoy seeing these amazing creatures living in this healthy environment and love trying to catch their very own lobsters.

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Marine Plastics
CNC machining and sign carving, heat bending, plastic welding, acrylic polishing and assembly, polycarbonate assembly…

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Love Maine Lobster Claw Game Turnkey Program

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Love Maine Lobster Claw Game Turnkey Program

We Do the Work, You Make the Money

Marine Ecological Habitats is offering an opportunity for investors to begin their own small businesses that will yield large returns. The best part is that we will get the business up, running and succeeding for you, while you reap the financial rewards. We can even help you secure financing.

For an initial investment of $175,000, here is what we offer:

  • You will own 10 Love Maine Lobster Claw Games.
  • Our professionals will research, locate and secure retail venues that will give your games the greatest opportunities for success .
  • We will pay the first two weeks of location fees for the games.
  • We will deliver and set up the games at the locations and stock them with quality, live Maine Lobsters, so the games will be ready to play and take in cash.
  • We will supply your games with live Maine lobsters for the first two weeks (240 lobsters).
  • You will receive Love Maine Lobster flags for display and "Claw of Fame" plaques to post pictures of game winners.

Invest in Our Turnkey Program and Achieve a New Lifestyle

While a Love Maine Lobster Claw Game is a unique business opportunity, providing supplemental income, the Love Maine Lobster Turnkey Program is an overall investment strategy that offers a whole new lifestyle of financial freedom and quality of life.

Turnkey investors can realize all of these benefits:

  • Immediate and significant cash flow
  • An impressive bottom line (Click to See Projections)
  • A quality of life Investment requiring less then 20 hours of week work (less time is required, if maintenance of games is hired out.)
  • Freedom to spend more time with your family or pursue other interests

We Are There For You

At Marine Ecological Habitats, we understand that your success is our success. So, in addition to getting your investment of the ground and succeeding as quickly as possible, we will be there for you for the long-haul. We provide the quality and support you will need to succeed for years to come.

After You are in business, we'll back you up:

  • You can order quality, live Maine lobsters from us and we will deliver them overnight (Tuesday to Friday) at a discount.
  • The Claw Game is built with quality to last for years.
  • The Claw Game employs the same proven technology as our commercial lobster tanks. Hence, it is not just a great game. It can also be used as a holding tank for restaurants, fish markets and convenience stores.

Contact us today and get on the road to financial independence

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